Saturday, 24 December 2011

Bee-ing Santa!

The Brit Bee indulged in a spot of Secret Santa makery this December.

Earlier this week we all received our presents within a day or so of each other, and agreed to blog or upload flickr pictures of all our lovelies today.

I was so excited when I received mine, wouldn't you be...

Lovely Laurie Wisbrun fabric...
Cute Crochet!  I can't do that :(
Aqua and orange needle case!!!!

Super pin toppers and FMF hexies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't got the words to describe how excited and happy this lovely parcel made me, but I have been sporting a wide grin every time I've looked at them.

I thought I had narrowed my Secret Mrs Santa down to two lovely ladies, then I changed my mind and couldn't decide between four, and so here, I have to say someone, so... I thought it could be...
...but I am so so wrong!    
Miss Lolly Pops you are a star!
(Edited to say - I am cheating and have updated this!!)

Thank you so much to my 'Santa-lady', I love everything, you know me well xxx

So if you want, check out the others and see if you can match the makes to the makers too.  It's only Christmas Eve, you are bound to have time!

Sarah, Fiona, Judith, Laura, Jennie, Susan, Trudi, Judith, Terri, Jo and Ceri.

My posts over the next few days have been pre-recorded in front of a live audience all bar some photos and reactions I am hoping to catch 'on the day'; so I'll be pretty quiet on the commenting and replying front, but then I guess you will be too!

That only leaves me to say have a wonderful Christmas my friends xxx


  1. lovely pressies. Hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas too Hadley

  2. Oh how wrong you are!!!! Lovely parcel though :-)

  3. Lovely lovely pressies, but my imediate thoughts were of our wonderful Bee Mama! :) Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Hadley!

  4. Ha! You've thrown me cos I thought LJ made for me! Whose right and whose wrong? Jxo

  5. The needlecase is so cute!!! where do you get this cuty pins??? the birds are ... I need them!!!

    Happy Christmas :)

  6. I'm guessing Fiona too. Wonderful parcel! Enjoy!!

  7. I could have sworn those goodies came from Judith too! They're lovely either way. Hope you and yours have a very happy Christmas xx

  8. Love the little owl(?) pin topper! It's so you! Merry Christmas Hadders!
    Btw the very first crafty thing I made was a mouse-shaped needle case (in felt) when I was at primary school (age 5). Mum still has it though it has lost it's tail and ears, lol!

  9. Great goodies. Have a lovely lovely Christmas! xx

  10. aw its fabulous! your colours, and the needle toppers are supercute too, and oooh wee fmf hexies! Really lovely. I would guess Laura Jane.... cos of the fmf, and the crochet.

  11. What fantastic gifts! Yay for your secret santa!

  12. What a lovely present! Enjoy your holidays!

  13. Oh I am so curious who your secret santa was! The pin toppers are cute enough they are edible!

  14. what an awesome package for you. well done, Santa! Merry Christmas, Hadley. Enjoy every bit of it. xx

  15. Just like I said to Susan, I wish I were in Britain so I could be in the Brit bee. What a great group of creative people. Your gifts are lovely. Merry Christmas.

  16. Fabulous presents! I really wish I'd joined the Brit Bee - I dithered and decided against it due to a lack of funds...oh well, at least I get to see all the fun I'm missing!!! Happy Christmas!

  17. Very cool, and love the pin toppers. Still, it wasn't nice of her to call you a ho ;o)

  18. Oh, she is clever isn't she?! great pressies x


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