Friday, 23 December 2011

Edible Makes...

Unlike some of my friends, particularly this one, I don't get great pleasure from cooking or baking.

The 'effort to result' ratio is seriously tipped against it being a joy - there is always at least one small person who declares they 'don't like it' before I have even put the plates on the table, and with the limited time I have between work, school runs, clubs and meal-time, it means we typically stick to the 'tried and tested'; to be frank, I would rather it was boring, quick, easy but eaten, than a couple of hours of effort resulting in turned up noses and tears all round.

Christmas fayre isn't much different, Mr Kipling, Mr McVities and Aunt Bessie do such great job, I like to let them get on with it.

However I did plan ahead, buying the ingredients to make some Christmas Rocky Road.  I am an old hand at the regular Nigella recipe, and I thought this could be my token effort the festive season.

All you need is white chocolate, dessicated coconut, pistachios, dried cranberries, ginger biscuits and mini marshmallows.  5 minutes to make, 10 minutes in the freezer to set, perfect!

If you haven't gone down the white chocolate route before - it is definitely worth it.

Food photographer I am not either!
Now don't you be expecting any more kitchen-orientated posts from me for at least another year though - that's your lot!


  1. You do have a kitchen! Sounds fun and looks good, too!

  2. Well you are one up on me in the kitchen post area! I could post about what my neighbor brings over but that is about it!

  3. LOL! Susan puts us all to shame although I did make my own mince pies yesterday - making my own pastry in the process!

  4. Yet another virtual twinnie approach, I found myself saying snap when I read about the cooking bit at the start. However, if you managed that Nigella recipe, you should definitely try her one for old fashioned choc cake. It involves tipping all the ingredients into the food processor and blitzing before baking, that's pretty much it and it is AMAZING! If you want it drop me an email xx Happy Christmas, your rocky road looks fab! (but mine would turn their noses up at the cranberries, being such brilliant people to try new things and all.....)

  5. That's one more than I'll ever do. I loathe cooking/baking as much as you do! I'm happy to leave the baking efforts to my eldest! Jxo

  6. all the timings but one ..............how long to eat !!! looks yummy i usually make nigellas rockyroad not this year i have made
    http://www.food.com/recipe/oreo-truffles-87967 so easy sooooo good

  7. Looks yummy. After breakfast at Annabell's I'll be at yours for elevenses :-)

  8. ... and I was just sitting here thinking I am hungry, what can I eat... they look delish!

  9. Hmm, those look yummy with the white chocolate. Damn, why did I have to leave reading this until after dad did the last Sainsbury's run earlier?!

  10. Cheeky! ;-)

    You probably have a cleaner house than me most of the time. It is a just a matter of choice for me and I would much rather bake than dust! Sew than hoover! Eat than polish!

    Loving your baking efforts all the same.

  11. Looks yummy.
    Have a great Christmas Hadley, it's been fun following you this past few months. Here's to 2012.

  12. Humph! I thought I could rely on you not to roll out the domestic goddess posts ;)
    Now I want some and I don't have the ingredients and I swore I wouldn't set foot in a shop tomorrow!
    Merry Christmas pal xx

  13. well, just one recipe to roll out is always a trump card imho! And this IS a good one! Merry Christmas Hadley!

  14. Move over Nigella, there`s a new domestic goddess in town!

  15. I'm like you... no star in the kitchen! My big effort every Christmas is to make the Fruit Salad (you buy it, you chop it,you bung it in a pretty bowl and you take it to your Sisters place) but this year I don't even get to do that! we are heading off up to the Country (about a 2 hour drive) to spend Christmas Eve and Day with the whole family at my Niece's new home. We all put in $50 each and my darling Niece is doing the rest:-) gotta love that!

    Wishing all the Flying Blind family a Very Merry Christmas,


  16. Hey Hadley! Domestic Diva you bake regularly now? Once a year is regular!

    Happy Christmas to you and yours!


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