Friday, 7 October 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Tidy!

Happy Friday everyone!

Firstly may I present to you the 'Good'...

Post of the yummy, folding, stroking variety; 2 parcels of loveliness, that I actually, spookily, paid for! 

This lovely bundle, from Julie at The Intrepid Thread...

I was toying between the 1001 Peeps or Little Apples for the Duo QAL, but having now got my hands on the Peeps, they win - how Christmas Panto are those guys!?  A day or so after these were ordered, courtesy of Annabella I won that delicious Moroccan Mirage fabric from Julie too, and I can't wait for that.

I also received this today...

My long coveted Cloud 9 Michelle Engel Bencsko, and a 'Farmer's Wife Scrap Bag' from Sew Fresh Fabrics...

Miles of really huge pieces, supposedly 2 yards - I reckon way more of the most wonderful fabrics all for $9.50, that's just over £6!   Oh I am so happy - I even got Pick Ups!  Coincidently I ordered these a few days before I won the Across the Sea gift certificate for Sew Fresh too.  Is that karma or what!?

So are you prepared for the 'Bad'?  Really really?

Actually 'Hilarious' would be more accurate, but that wouldn't have made for a snappy title. 

I am linking up with Cindy and her fluffy sheep for Free Motion Friday!  OK, so the 'free motions' in my case may as well relate to bowel movements, because this first attempt is quite frankly sh*t!  Look!!...

Natty labelling, huh!?
Mind you, after the break midway to chat to my mum, I seemed to have got a little rhythm, well maybe, a teeny bit!!  Terrible eh?  I must try harder, and practice longer  It most definitely does not look like it was meant to.  All you FMQers who make it look so easy, I salute you!

Not wanting to use up quality batting I did use some horribly puffy poly-wadding, which made the whole sandwich a bit of a doorstep... now I seem to have made up an excuse, I'm sticking to it!

So quick, the 'Tidy'... 

I remembered that I hadn't shown you the full daytime glory of my corner since the conservatory re-fit...

I need to do a bit more re-arranging within the tubs, and shift that huge red posting box, but it looks so much better than before; I love it.

So having given the hoover and duster a quick tour of the house this afternoon, I am all set for the weekend; no parties, no trips, no visitors, wonderful! 

I am going to ignore the fact that many of our US friends are destined for the most amazing weekend at the Sewing Summit, and I am so so so jealous, but whatever you have planned, I hope it's a good one x


  1. Love all your new fabric! The FMQ isn't that bad - I've seen worse ;o) but your mum definitely seems to have had a good influence on your quilting! Love the new look to the conservatory - where did you get the storage unit from?
    P.S. My word verification is perpoo!

  2. Helen is so kind, isn`t she? Fabric is lovely - I am getting my peeps tomorrow - ordered it from `me` Julie ages ago and had it sent to my mum`s and she`s bringing it out tomorrow. In the blue but I`m really liking your orange now. Love your scraps - I have some of them coming as well tomorrow,,and some Terrain. Yea for fabrics. Love your FMQ and the fact that it`s not perfect, but lovely all the same. x

    My word verication is preigul.

  3. FMQ - practice, practice, practice! As you noted, it felt better after a break chatting with Mum! It will feel better today after chatting with ME and even better the next day, and the next and the next! Lovely fabric!

  4. Well done on the fmq! i used poly mix wadding pn mine but peeled a layer off the 2 oz stuff which helped but still gave it slight puff which i like after all it is meant to be quilted! x

  5. Aww so sorry babe but its lovely to see a ****up from you!! Was starting to think that didnt happen to you ;-)
    Love all your fabric loveliness, and that "scrap bag" is so amazing I think I might have to go order one myself! (just dont tell...)
    ps my word verification yesterday was punani... I kid you not.

  6. Think how marvellous we are going to feel at the end of the process when we can FMQ for Britain! Ok at the moment our work doesn't look as good as the video but I am fully convinced it will Hadley! Keep calm and carry on FMQing!

  7. Ditch the poly wadding, not worth even a practice run!
    Welcome to the Peeps Gang.

  8. your "bad" totally cracked me up with the call from your mum in the middle. i need to practice a lot more too! lovely fabrics and of course you would win the day after you ordered! i guess that is better because you can just get more now!

  9. Oh such gorgeous fabrics *sigh*

    I can't possibly comment on the quilting, I haven't tried yet lol I intend to hit it when I get back from Skye... Maybe if I hit the bottle first, it'll go okay :oD

    Enjoy your weekend in your lovely conservatory

  10. You know what they say...karma is only a b*tch if you are. That is definitely not the case here! Lovely fabrics and completely fun scraps!

  11. Ok, that scrap pack is the best deal going!!! And as for your free motion, you are trying to draw long straight lines, silly. You use a walking foot for that. When you drop the dogs and attach a darning foot, you've gotta keep that sandwich moving. Try loopy, swirly stuff! Don't worry about stitching over previous lines! Have fun! Honestly, trying to draw long parallel lines with FM is near impossible and will result in a twisted colon every time.

  12. I think all you FMQers are a little tough on yourself. First, you are practicing on plain fabric. What are the odds of you quilting on a plain quilt? SLIM!! Second, you need to remember that quilters that make it look easy have been doing it for quite some time. Finally, it takes most people a very long time to get their stitches all the same size and yours are...that is something. I say you deserve another medal but I am all out. Great job!!!

    BTW love you Duo fabrics...can't wait to see your block(s)...are you tilting?

  13. So much scrummy fabric coming in - are you planning to use it? Or just stroke it? I struggle with FMQ, I have one style which I can do ok, but that's all you get from me! I've got my quilting BFF, Jacke, over from Ireland for knitting and stitching show tomorrow, so not much sewing, just fun!

  14. Great fabric and I think your fmq shows definite improvement as you went across :)

  15. That scrap bag was amazing value! Love all your fabrics and your FMQ is def more even at the end. Haven't got to try mine yet, hoping to do today :-)

  16. You didn't have a glass of wine when you phoned your mum did you? I find that helps a bit. But I think you're very hard on yourself. It looks good to me.

  17. Gorgeous fabrics!! The fmq is definitely better after the call, the shapes look much better. I have to say, I think you may have caught my worms!! How do you get it to look less wormy and more wavy?! The space in your conservatory looks amazing! I can hear choirs singing at it's prettiness and the light shining in!! All those baskets and trays are so satisfying! x

  18. Great fabrics, and love your tidied sewing area. Jealous here! Do you think we should harrass Lynne into setting up a UK Sewing Summit? Just a thought!

  19. I love your fabrics! the colours are great. And your FMQ is definitely working. Maybe you should keep Mum on the phone for all of us...

  20. Hadley, you have me laughing so hard I'm nearly cryin' here :D First, I love the new windfall of fabric. You are so super lucky to have that happiness near by! Your FMQ looks great! We are learning and it's week 1. You can't be too hard on yourself. Your labeling is what is just killing me. Goodness you're one funny chicka. xx

  21. Oh man, I was still laughing at the labelling of the FMQ attempt when I came across Sarah's comment! giggle giggle, fab fabrics though, I might have to invest in a scrap bag, one can never have too many :) xxx

  22. Yes stick to your excuse, that poly wadding is a pesky bu**er! I do like the flow you got going after the phone call, I wonder what she said to you?!


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