Monday, 10 October 2011

Sweet Charity...

Before I present you with some dreadful indoor pics, here are a couple of shots of the Duo runner top in its garden glory...

...there, that's better, and apparently I'm on schedule too!

Whilst I was working oh so hard this morning, I may have had a minute spare to write a To Do list for the week, and top of it I put blocks for Karen, Judith and Sarah, because after my moping on Saturday, I figured I really do not have much to be miserable about.

Karen and her husband are off to Thailand shortly to work in Pattaya, running clinics in one of the children's shelters which cares for some of the thousands of children who have been used in sex trafficking.  Karen's blog gives more details.  She wants to take simple quilts, without batting, to be suitable for the Thai climate and has asked for help.

So here are the four 6.5" blocks I ran up...

... I used some off-cuts from my Across the Sea fabric, which is rather apt.

If you would like to make some blocks too, Karen has posted a tutorial here.

Fellow Bee and all round fab-bag lady Judith and her friend Sarah set up Bee Blessed a couple of months ago, whereby they and other lovely ladies would get together to piece quilts for families and groups in Northern Ireland. 

OK so popping over to Belfast for a Saturday morning sewing would be lovely, but its not going to happen.  So you, me or anyone can still help by sending blocks and more to help. 

This month they are requesting D9P blocks, following Judith's tute here.

So here are the two I have just made; again, apologies for the shocking photos, these really do look a lot nicer in real life!

So my hour and a half of sewing this evening has been rather satisfying.  Some hearty ticks there, now for the other dozen things I want to complete this week!


  1. All your blocks are gorgeous! Love your fussy cutting for the Peeps blocks and love your blocks for Karen and particularly that top block for Judith.

  2. blocks are gorgeous love the peeps,like the orange block !

  3. Oh these blocks are fab! I love the orange fabrics you've used. Good to have a more male one too (hope that's not offensive!). Jxo

  4. You did all that in an hour and a half?!!! You are my new hero!

  5. Fast work, madam! Too bad we couldn't share an envelope for posting.

  6. Well, I managed Karens in one day, I'm stopping for the night as I've just sewed Judes back to front and I'm only at the 9 patch stage... lol Well done with yours!!

  7. Super speedy stitching again! does your sewing machine have a light speed setting, mrs?

  8. I love your D9 P blocks! Glad to see the mojo is back! Go for it!!

  9. It's great to give something back and these blocks look fab! I need to get my bum into gear and join in. Only I really should works on a few swap commitments too before I do anything else or I'll be in trouble!

  10. I should be sorting my room so i can sew, but instead i spend time following your links - you are a bad influence!

  11. Thank you so much for the blocks for Bee Blessed - I love them both and we are all so appreciative that you're taking time to join with us!

  12. Wow! You're done your Oct blocks already? I'm behind! Yours look great - love the little critters in the Kind Stitches blocks.

  13. A well deserved pat on the back for you! *pat pat* :) xx


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