Sunday, 2 October 2011

On a promise...

I told you yesterday that I had goodies to show, and I am not going to break that promise, but first...

... what is going on!?

So my lovely postman did the business on a steaming October 1st, and 2 parcels awaited me when the girls and I got back from dropping hubby and son at the station, as they were heading up to London for the Doctor Who Experience!  (Great, scary, hot!).

So parcel one - expected, but always a delight to get Brit Bee packages at the beginning of the month.  This time Laura did us proud; look at all that Denyse Schmidt, and lollies from Lolly...

We are star-bound this month, so I have surfed and pinned my inspiration, and am now raring to go!

The second parcel had been eagerly anticipated, goodies from swap partner no.2, but I had no idea what to expect.

99% of the makes would have been welcomed with open arms, only those with the 'really wrong colours' fell into the 1%, but I had left so many clues/demands, I knew disappointment would not be an option!

So imagine my utter joy and surprise to spot, by the gobbledigook return address, that Cindy, the swap-mama extraordinaire had been making for little old me - it had never crossed my mind! 

There was no time to rack my brains over what she had posted on flickr or if her other partner had already bagged a package!


Looking fantastic...
OK, then I just ripped the tissue paper off!
I had been convinced this was a baby for Rhonda's mama bird!  So glad it wasn't, sorry Rx
Lovely birdy backing too!
Hope he doesn't want it back!
Fan-flipping-super-duper-I had to email Ayumi I was so excited-tastic!
Scrummy JD!
I love this brooch so much, I could have pinned it on my bikini!
All together now - woo hoo!
Thank you again Cindy (instant email gushing was a must!) - you are a super-star partner and mama!

So here are all my wonderful items from the Goodie Swap together...

I cannot believe how lucky I am to have received such amazing and perfect swaps from both my wonderful partners!  Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

It's not all over yet though, as neither of my partners have received their packages from me, so I am on tenterhooks, and can't wait to show and tell all!  Hopefully soon!!

I hope I have not made you too envious, but it's only natural!

So I will leave you with a couple of other glimpses of yesterday.  This time of year it is usually more North Pole...

... than Nazareth!

... but not at the moment; when the garden centre says it's Christmas, who am I to disagree!?


  1. My God!!! 37 degrees!!! Coincided with our 14 degrees yesterday!!! Now you might understand what our Christmas' are like 'downunder'!! Your swap goodies are AMAZING!!!!

  2. You jammy dodger! But I was sure that mug rug was for you from the moment Cindy made it. Glad it was and that you did so well in the swap. Enjoy!

  3. Toowitoowoo! Yes, we all spotted that owl was for you Hadley...and all your goodies coordinate so beautifully. Were you a tad specific on your requirements Mrs G? Looking forward to seeing your DS stars. As Susan says, Enjoy!

  4. You made out like a bandit in this swap! Goodness all around. Somehow I missed that fabulous owl in the pool, but it does look right at home!

  5. Think you had the luck of the Irish, sort of, in this swap - fabulous goodies. I also got an Ayumi inspired basket.

  6. Wonderful goodies you have received but it might have been quicker to drop my parcel round personally!? LOL! I'd even make you a cuppa!

  7. Woah! Great stash of goodies! Fun fun mail- way to go Hadley- I do believe you are on a roll!

  8. Yikes, it is hot at your house! The kids were watching Dr. Who last night too, my son would have been over the moon to go with your guys! The swap goodies are amazing, you are one lucky swapper!

  9. whoot whoot! you got the best goodies! i bet you are still looking at them with a silly punch drunk grin!.

  10. You're so lucky to be getting heat (only 16 degrees here!). Lovely goodies from Cindy - she's a star isn't she? Enjoy! Jxo

  11. Totally green now. You got amazing swapsies! Did think that wee owl would be for you or Rhonda :-)

  12. You certainly did receive some beauties there. Lucky girl you are .

  13. lucky you great parcel to get ...........been to our local garden centre today they are just getting on with the display !! yikes it is getting there too quick.

  14. I am just super happy that you're happy. I really tried to make something you'd like. Thank you for all of your chattiness, kindness and support through the swap. Without lovely ladies like you, it would not have been nearly as much fun.

    The gobbledigook address makes it sound like I live in a mushroom in hobbit land, doesn't it? I swear my house is not made of fungi.

    I did have a chat with Barry and he's happy to let you keep the tea. You smarty pants, you.

  15. Bah, it's fricking freezing up north! Plus it rained for the best part of 48 hours straight...

    Lucky you with both those packages too.

    BTW, they have Christmas camels at your garden centre?! May have been more temperature appropriate than a snowman mind you...

  16. Fabulous parcel - I'm not sure how you restrained yourself long enough to take a photo of the wrapping!!

  17. he he, I went to our garden centre yesterday in the sweltering heat and suddenly found myself in a winterwonderland: in shorts and t-shirt. Very random!
    Your swap goodies are fabulous.

  18. Gorgeous goodies! That camel made me laugh out loud!!

  19. Oh my! You are one lucky girl!!!

  20. Here is what you need to know...I have been stalking the Flickr Group hoping no one would post a picture of this as "received"....now I must admit I am a bit bummed! BUT I am glad you got it because at least I know you appreciate it as much as I would. I am still awaiting package #2 but I know it is not my owl!!!

  21. I thought of you as soon as I saw that owl on Flickr - very much your colours! Weren't you a lucky girl!

  22. That's a love of love in those little packages! Cute camel too, much nicer than the real thing!

  23. Great packages! I love the fabric basket. I've been wanted to make one. It's on the list! :-/

  24. You are so lucky!!! Now I am thinking I really need to start joining more swaps! It must be so fun to discover packages in the mail and finding what you wanted is actually yours! Everything you got is lovely, but the owl mug rug is to really die for!

  25. You can wear a bikini? I officially disown you.

  26. Yeah... we all knew it was for you from the get go!

    37 is flipping hot woman! Not surprised you were living it up with the camels in a cossie... I was quilting all day with a fan on so I didn't really notice. Hate this weird weather. Snow please....

  27. Oh I thought that was for you all right! Lucky you :-) love that owl mug rug. And so funny that Ayumi was drawn on heavily for tutes and inspiration for you (her teapot was where I started out thinking about your mug rug). Now, as someone else said if you can wear a bikini I officially hate you ;-)

  28. Having been the recipient of most awesome mail this week myself, I can attest to the fact that there is nothing better than getting these beautiful things in the mail.What fun things you received!


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