Saturday, 6 November 2010

I believe in fairies...

Today we celebrated the girls' 4th birthday, (which is on Wednesday coming), with a trip to the Saturday Morning Pictures to see Tinkerbell with 5 friends and their lucky mummies.  This was followed by as civilised a lunch as seven 4 year olds can have!  Everyone had a lovely time, and as none of them had been to the cinema before, they were really well behaved and enjoyed every minute. 

Last night I consoled myself with chocolate, today, half a meter of heat-resistant wadding, and my Cath Kidston 'Stitched' arrived!

This afternoon... we went house hunting... again...


  1. Lovely photo's...such pretty tutu's! We are celebrating 'our' twins 3rd birthday next saturday...probably wont be quite so civilized though!!

  2. Very cute photo, wow double birthday that's hard work!

    ...good luck house hunting...


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