Monday, 22 November 2010

Sock Owl Tutorial...

As promised, this evening I've photographed a sock owl in the making. So here we go...

I use a pair of size 12-18 month baby socks as they are not too tiny, but are still cute; some white felt for eyes, some matching felt and fabric for the wings plus embroidery silk.  I use polyester filling, but I suppose rice or wheat could be used for a heavier birdy!

Turn your sock inside out, and flatten out so that the toes and heel are centered; the heel will become the tummy.

Stitch a semi-circle across the toe edge seam; I used my machine, however as this really is only about 5cms, hand stitching would probably be just as easy.

Trim off the excess 'toe' leaving about 1/4", and trim off the ankle cuff elastic.

Squeeze the ankle/cuff end into thirds, so that one point faces the back of the owl, like a tail, and the other two points will be the feet (if you use your imagination!!).

You could pin this in place, but again it is all so tiny, so I don't.

 Stitch half way, raise the needle, and move the 'tail' over, and complete the row.

Turn the sock back to right-side out through the tail hole.  It looks like a very small hole, but it is very stretchy, ('Hello' to those who have googled expecting something a bit more racy!).

Fill to the desired firmness and shape.  Make sure you pull the ears out with a needle from the outside, or push out with a pencil.

When filled, turn in the raw edges of the tail, and again pinch to get the shape.

Hand-stitch the tail opening closed.

 If you are lucky, your sock owl will be able to stand up all on his ownsome!

Cut two teardrop shapes from the coloured felt, by folding in half to cut both at the same time.
Then cut round the felt wings to get two patterned wings.

You should have two matching pairs.

Cut round the edge of the cotton fabric wings with pinking shears, (I find it easier to do this in two stages to ensure the cotton ends up the right shape and slightly smaller than the felt).

Using 2 threads of silk, doubled, attach the cotton to the felt with a running stitch, starting at the top point, sewing through to the body of the owl along the back edge of the wing, securing with a knot under the 'armpit'.

Cut two white felt eyes; I use a bobbin as a template to get a nice wide-eye size.

Stitch the centre pupil before stitching the outsides directly to the owl, burying the thread ends inside the owl.  If your owl is heading no-where near small children, or you have more confidence in your stitchery, you could use buttons for eyes.

Stitch a beak, or make one from felt if you prefer.

...and there you have it, one little sock owl... and repeat for a pair! 



  1. i have yet to make a sock item but now i will have to. thank you!

  2. Thank you, thank you, I tried to make one with the kit that I had won from you, I thought that you had to cut the sock but I wasn't really sure. So I thought that I should wait for your tutorial. Now that I know I'm off to make my owl.


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