Sunday, 21 November 2010

Good Intentions...

I had all good intentions of making and photographing sock owls in progress this evening, but no.  I have been sorting through old bank statements and other thrilling papers that are now all destined for the shredder! 

It's taking ages, but I am clearing out so much - I can't believe I have kept practically every piece of post I have ever received by the looks of things!  Dear husband took a couple of bags of books and toys to the local Marie Curie shop today, and another few bags to the tip, and we haven't even looked in the loft or garage yet. 

We took advantage of the dry morning and took the trampoline apart, cleaned off all the sandpit toys and rescued Buddha from the bindweed!

Last night I finished the cross-stitch, now I have to wash the soluble mesh off and sew the purse together.

So this week I promise to complete the purse, try and produce a tutorial for the sock owls and get a bit more of the Christmas quilts ready for binding... if I don't, I expect you to point it out to me in no uncertain terms!

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