Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Not so crafty!

Well today's excuse for not sewing anything revolves around these little ladies!  4 today, and loving every minute.

I spent the morning decorating their cake.

All a bit of a cheat, and absolutely nothing for any artful baker to start watching their backs for.  There were a couple of 'wows' from my most critical audience, and that's all that matters!

2 down, 2 to go!


  1. Haha (re: comment on my blog)

    Cake looks good! Glad e/o had a great day.

    You know you should have seen my attempt for son#1. It was supposed to be alion cake, looked like a scary man, but he LOVED it.. why?? because mummy made it just for him!


  2. what a Luverly Cake - well done mum ;-)
    I spy a rather gorgeous Freebird too!
    Happy birthday wishes to your girls xx


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