Saturday, 20 November 2010

Saturday sorting...

Today has once again been consumed with the house, sorting, chucking, re-cycling, and generally getting in a de-cluttering frame of mind.

I have an old book, which, to be honest has probably sat on the shelf since I bought it way back pre-children, Mary Lambert's Clearing the Clutter.

I am going to have that as my bed-time read this week.  I think it is aimed at getting you to 'let go' of things that you really don't need.  It must be said that I am already being pretty ruthless; this evening I have disposed of payslips from year-dot, all the duplicate tax credit notices and car insurance documents for cars we no longer own...all gone!

Just in case we are at risk of going too minimal, I picked up the second issue of making;  I've only had a brief look, and it's looking jam packed with quilty, crafty loveliness.

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