Monday, 15 November 2010

A teeny tiny bit of quilting!

I know I have been a bit 'all mouth and no action' lately, so to make amends and to get an instant buzz of a completed project, I have made a rather basic 'mug rug' out of some of my scraps! 

OK, it's not up to the standard of fabulous Fi, but it was a fun little trial for the evening.  It isn't actually as wonky in real life (honestly!), that's just my unsteady photography hand, not my unsteady quilting hand for a change!

Although the idea is to hold my cup and biscuit, I actually think it will end up next to the bed to throw my glasses on at night, as they tend to get plonked, usually lens-down on whichever book or magasine I've discarded.  Hmmm, I need to think of a catchy name for that now!


  1. Nice one!! Like the colours! Good idea I too chuck my specs on the table lense down! Well done FB!



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