Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Another birthday and other good stuff!

Dear son is now 6, and as the girls were 4 last week, I better update my 'profile'!

Lots of presents and a very happy boy, the house is now bursting with Lego, Toy Story and Star Wars, thank goodness for the little space I cleared yesterday!

This afternoon I cleared out the old linen and toiletries that had been festering in the back of the airing cupboard for a good few years.  Too many lotions and potions I would never dream of washing my hair in or washing my face with, without worrying of some very unpleasant side effects!  Again a couple of bin bags full and a lot less to transport when we 'move'!

So after a successful day, and following on from last night's blog, I pulled out the Cath Kidston Stitch purse and began the cross-stitch.  I ended up doing quite a bit of unpicking, but it's looking quite sweet, considering I probably haven't done any embroidery since I was in primary school, a long long time ago!

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