Sunday, 14 November 2010

More partying!

Today was our dear son's turn to party with his friends at Flying Fortress, an indoor adventure play centre, full of screaming and shouting children and worn out parents! 

However the only effort I had to make, was taking a tray-bake cake, rescuing twin2 when she got stuck every now and then, and making sure we could match the right number of children with their respective parents at the end!

Dear son loved it all, so another success.

This evening I ironed all the backing for the Christmas quilts and I began my sister's, as I figure it has the furthest to travel and the last day for posting to NZ in time for Christmas is always earlier than I expect!

I opted to try some random straight line quilting (anyone familiar with Ashley over at Film In The Fridge will correctly guess that's where my inspiration has come from!), and I am liking the effect. 

It would be great to get all five quilts ready for binding in the next week, and then I think they will keep me going until the reality of packing up the house becomes too pressing to avoid!  I might throw in a 'mug rug' or two... maybe!


  1. Go girl, quilt photo looks great, looking forward to seeing the final results!

    Yippee a mug rug! Go for it.

    X fi

  2. Oh also sorry, fixed the link, thanks for the heads up! Fi

  3. random straightline quilting....mmmnn That looks very nice & very interesting :-)


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