Friday, 1 August 2014

What a month, what a month, what a mighty fine month...

Oh July 2014 you were pretty darn fab stitchy-wise!

Small Blog Meet

Fat Quarterly Retreat was the best - two weeks on and I am still inspired to keep up all those new found skills, and you know me, I can change like the wind when a new shiny catches my eye!

So there was quite a bit of FQR prep, a few monthly commitments fulfilled and a couple of long awaited magazine reveals.  Coupled with my FQR finishes, a handful of FAL ticks and the start of the long hot summer, my mosaic is looking rather healthy…

August will be a little more sparse, as the summer holidays get into full swing.  There may be blogging breaks, as well as a possible sewing machine mini-spa and tune-up.  I am hoping to get a load of hand sewing projects prepared for all eventualities, so I better write a list xxx


  1. Nice meeting your at the FQR! You are on a roll with all your finishes, well done. Enjoy the holidays.

  2. Blimey, that's a mosaic and a half you've got there! Bravo!

  3. All great and I particularly love the tied knot quilt, I made one for Gilby when he was born, just plain organic linen front and back with coloured knots, he's still using it three and a half years later on his bed.

  4. That was a brilliant month H! jxo

  5. Just when I'm feeling pretty accomplished I look at your monthly completed projects...wha wha, you amaze me with your beautiful creations.

  6. what a brilliant month! And I think fqr was my favourite part of it!

  7. You seem to do more and more each month!!


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