Tuesday, 5 August 2014

August sorted...

I have completed my August commitments, just in time for the kids to come back home, start wrecking the place, shattering the peace and turning things back to normal!

So I made Ange's Stitch Tease blocks, 8 little ones to help with her master plan!

These were so quick and lovely to make; I pulled the fabrics whilst I was sorting more for my Ode to Green Tea and Sweet Beans hand-sewn mini.  I have been slowly stitching and plotting for that, as well as making a start on the corner baskets for my Midnight At The Oasis and finally coming up with a plan for all the hexies I have basted.

I now have more than enough to keep me occupied for the next month or so, which is great, because I think my time for plotting is back to being restricted to the hours of darkness!


  1. Look at you - so efficient! I was thinking I was the only one to get my bee blocks done early so I'm free to mess around the rest of the month ;)

  2. Well done missus, I think I'll tackle these first, they're the least scary of this month's selection ;o)

  3. Those are lovely blocks. And I have a bunch of bee blocks to do this month too.

  4. After all the cutting, these blocks went together so fast. I enjoyed making them too. Yours are pretty. Ange was smart to ask for these

  5. Well done for tackling your bee commitments so early. I've got the small matter of some (fortunately small) curtains (made with fabric which is possessed by a mischievous sprite) to deal with before I can do the same!

  6. Thanks lovely, they arrived today and are sitting watching tv with me on the sofa, they're absolutely perfect :o). x


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