Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Good 'un...

A little while ago dear husband asked for a pencil case to hold his drawing pens.  OK, he may have had to ask a couple of times, but yesterday afternoon I grabbed a quiet half hour and got stuck into my Spoonflower/Heidi Kenney Nuns!

I obviously used my method for the flat pouch as per this month's Love Patchwork & Quilting, adjusting the measurements to fit the pens, and it turned out rather nicely.  It's gone down very well too,  and that's what matters.

Today there were haircuts for the girls, a trip to the Library, an afternoon in front of the TV and I have just prepped another little block for my Ode to STGB…

Today another light went out; RIP Robin Williams xxx


  1. A hubby with a fettish for nuns eh? Whatever next! Jxo

  2. Cute pouch but now I'm afraid you've cost me money as I need some of that fabric.... :-)

  3. you've had such a productive day! Love the nuns.

  4. I love that pencil case and can't wait to see the appliqué!

  5. Of course everyone needs a nun pencil case :oD And indeed, RIP Mr Williams

  6. Those nuns. They look so nice...clearly a different breed to the nuns who ran my school ;-)

  7. This just reminded me my sister asked for a zipper bag a while ago. Oops! I forgot


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