Thursday, 14 August 2014


I managed to finish my flower block today, multi-tasking a Percy Jackson DVD with the kids, whilst a thunderstorm clattered about outside.

So here are all my hand-stitched blocks together thus far…

Not masses, but I am quietly pleased with myself.

I also pieced a few hexie flowers, but one wrong move and I am now suffering from a rear-entry needle wound, so I'm indulging in a little R&R and putting a packet of plasters on my shopping list x


  1. That sounds painful!!!!! Hope the plasters help!!
    But those blocks are looking brilliant!

  2. Your hand stitched blocks are gorgeous! I have some plasters in every hand piecing/quilting kit I own. And a box in my sewing room as well as in the first aid box! Hope your finger (?) heals quickly!

  3. Ouch but so worth it for these beauties

  4. Love the colours, although my mind is slightly boggling at what a rear-entry needle wound is o.O

  5. Hexies are lethal! Your blocks are looking so pretty together.

  6. This is amazing. I have purchased teh pattern book and am now thinking *crap, I have to enlarge stuff* before I start.... but I will b/c this is a gorgeous project to work on!!!

  7. Oh that looks gorgeous! Love how cheerful it is

  8. Love the happy colours of all of these. Chocolate helps with finger wounds too. x


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