Saturday, 9 August 2014

London Fun!

Today we took a family trip to London.  We spent the morning at the V&A, played with a couple of Glass activity backpacks, had a nice wander about and elevenses in the courtyard…

We then went to Hamley's, never again; even the kids recognise a con when they see one, or a whole shop-full!  A potter around Covent Garden, and ending up in the geek-ville that is Forbidden Planet, before heading home.

A little hexie stitching on the train, but now I am good for nothing, my feet ache and my head needs to hit a pillow soon.

I am trying to block out the fact that I have missed all the fun at FoQs, but I am seriously doubting that my walking and talking stamina would have been up to it!!


  1. I do hope you brought home some of those outfits in the bottom row ;o)

  2. oh memories of Hamleys! My kids are obviously not quite as wise as yours!!

  3. It's great when your kids get old enough to get it at the toy stores. Looks like a nice day!

  4. Sounds exhausting, but fun.

  5. London is always great fun and very tiring!

  6. Mine recognise the Hamley's rip off too. Look but don't buy. Good family day out for all of you though, by the look of it.

  7. I suspected Hamleys was getting that way - im not sure you are their target family, lots of our local settled travellers have annual photos of the whole family with Santa there! the rest if the day sounds fun!


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