Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Fun with fabric...

Yep, I indulge in that most days; here are some little hand-stitched blocks that are being put aside for my Ode to GTSB…

They need squaring up and stitching together, but that will be part of the fun when I get to trying to decide on a layout.

I also received a speedy parcel from Jessie; ordered yesterday lunchtime, here today!

I am joining the glue-basters, as I am keen to spend as much time actually sewing as I can, and those clamshell templates, well they just fell in my basket in a moment of bravado!!

Today the kids got to play with fabric too, it's only fair!

I chickened out of going the full screen-printing hog with them, so we plumped for decorating calico bags with fabric paint…

There may have been sharing disagreements, and a little upset about going outside the lines, but all in all everyone was happy in the end…

I think they did pretty well; my only role was as brush washer and fabric-presser.

Think of this as a sweetener though, tomorrow they have the dentist to look forward to!


  1. What is GTSB? Is it like LGBT? :P love the colours - so nice and bright.

  2. The pinwheels look great - fab colours are you tessellating them? The one jackie snd I tessellated nearly drive us insane! Well done kids, great bags

  3. I just been making that same block for a bee! Are you going to EPP your clamshells then?

  4. Hadley you should know better than being upset with the kids for going outside the lines ;)
    The bags look great :) x

  5. Wow are you going to epp your clamshells?! I like Fiona's method as they lay nice and flat sewn over each other rather than epp'ed

  6. Och it looks well within the lines from here :oD


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