Monday, 4 August 2014

Ho Ho Holidays...

I am still enjoying the peace and quiet, so why don't you pop over to Lisa and Justine's blog as I have been getting in the Christmas spirit, and using some of Simply Solids' fun festive fabrics

It's never too early you know!  Look out for them if you are going to Festival of Quilts later this week, stand E16; I really wish I was going too.

But I get another FAL tick, so it's all good.


  1. Cute aprons and love solids :)

  2. Wow - normally, Christmas fabrics make me shudder (why would I want a quilt that looks like bad wrapping paper??) but those are in the kitschy-cool realm and I might have to grab some.... Loving the aprons - holiday cocktail party in August, anyone?

  3. One of these would be perfect for swanning around the kitchen on Christmas morning, before putting on a heavy duty full pinny once the 'removing the turkey from the oven and covering it in foil' portion of the cooking commences!

  4. I'll shop with them on your behalf ( but I keep the fabrics I buy!)

  5. Enjoy the P&S, hope your parents haven't had a nervous breakdown yet ;o)


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