Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Passing glance...

Today we were back at the library first thing, for the last of the summer reading challengers to receive her medal and bounty, and then we made the most of the morning's nice weather and headed up country to the adventure playground…

Oh how I love that I no longer have to keep both eyes, and the ones in the back of my head, glued to the kids as they go off and play.  This has been the first summer when I have been happy to just locate them every once in a while and know they will be back when they are hungry; which admittedly is about every 5 minutes, but coupled with my wish list of hand-sewing, it's been a blessing.

Today I went from this…

… to this…

Almost done.

I really do need to think about where I am going with these blocks.  I haven't gone with the actual pattern block sizes, so I will have to stop sooner rather than later and then start again, properly.  I am thinking more pillow than cushion or maybe even the most labour-intensive tote bag in the world.  Time will tell.


  1. Life does get easier!!!! Lovely appliqué :-)

  2. its also great when they can go downstairs turn the tv on and let you have a lie in.
    glad to see you support your local library so much! yesterday we did our teddy bear's picnic and on Saturday we are our doing our reading game craft day (small squeal for help)

  3. It is great when they can just go and play. Mine are all teenagers now and I worry about them more than when they were younger. The hand sewing is coming along nicely. x

  4. I know you've finished that block and that it's marvellous! The trip to the playground sounds blissful!

    P.S. Any idea why, on some posts on your blog, the title and comments heading are often in a different alphabet?!

  5. I think your appliqué flowers are looking grand. Pillow or bag, they'll be really pretty


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