Thursday 21 March 2013

Sizzix Spring Bloghop

Welcome to my stop on the Sizzix Spring Blog Hop.  If you are not a regular follower, please feel free to have a poke about and see all the other things I get up to.

Anyone who does come here often will know I am a Sizzix junkie, I could turn out hexies or HSTs 24/7 and be very happy, but for today it is the turn of the tumbler die (657616).  So let's make a cushion!

Tumbling Easter Bunnies Cushion:
You will need:
10 Bunny Print Tumblers
10 Background Tumblers
2 x 18"x 2.5" Background fabric
2 x 14.5" x 2.5" Background fabric
2 x 18"x12" Background fabric
14.5"x14.5" Fusible fleece or batting
2 x 18"x12" Lining fabric
18" x 18" Lining fabric
  • Cut all pieces, and layout tumblers as desired. Sew 4 rows of 5 tumblers and then join to make one panel.
  • Fuse or baste the batting onto the centre back of the panel - you will trim to size after quilting.
  • I quilted 1/2" either side of each seam; because of the way the tumblers are arranged, I used a washable pen to mark where the seam lines pass through the other tumblers as shown below...
  • Once quilted sponge/remove the pen lines, press and trim the panel to 14.5" square.
  • Sash the panel with the 2.5" strips, and trim to a square.
  • You may have a favourite way of making up your cushions, here is mine, a simple envelope back with reversed French seams...
  • Take the two back pieces and sew one backing and one lining piece right sides together, open then press wrong sides together and top stitch as desired along the joined edge.
  • Layer up your cushion pieces as follows:
         Bottom back panel - right side up
         Outer/top back panel - right side up
         Front panel - right side down
         Front lining panel - right side down
  • Pin in place.
  • Stitch 1/4" seam all the way round.  Trim the corners and turn through the envelope back.
  • Push out the corners and give it a press for luck.
  • I use a walking foot, but if you take it slow you should be ok - start midway along one side and stitch a 1/2" seam all the way round the edge, to enclose the inner raw edges.
  • This will fit a 16" or 18" pillow form, depending on how stuffed you like your cushion.
  • Plump up the cushion, and sit back with a hot cross bun!  (Alternatively let one of your daughters get their hands on it, and never see it again!).

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An just in case you have been remiss in your hopping to date, you can enter this exclusive competition to get started with your patchwork and quilting adventure.

Click here to enter! The closing date is 28th March at 10am GMT.

The rules state its for UK/EU folks only I am afraid peeps, I'm sorry, but I guess if you are heading over here for Retreat or some other attraction, you could enter and if you win, someone could look after it for you.  Good luck.

Thank you one and all for stopping by, I hope this has given you an extra Easter idea that does not involve chocolate, although no reason why you couldn't work some into the mix somewhere!


  1. That's a lovely cushion! Made me dream of owning a sizzix now...

  2. I am a sucker for anything made with tumblers but a cushion made with tumblers cannot be beaten. Nice make. Di x

  3. What a sweet pillow -- thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely pillow, wonderful tutorial. I really like how you quilted this.

  5. Woohoo! You did it! I have that tumbler die - must get it out and make your wonderful cushion! Well done chick! Jxo

  6. I'm a tumbler lover! Great pillow!! Adorable.

  7. Fab cushion, and i wont be poking around here, i'm scared about what i might find! ;o)

  8. Yey bunnies! And that particular shade of turquoise just screams you, to me!

  9. I love the quilting!Pretty!

  10. Great job! I've entered to win a super duper cutting machine but if I don't then I am definitely buying one!

  11. I don't think I could send those bunnies through the guillotine/sizzix machine... :oD

  12. I'll have to be patient! My charms haven't arrived in Ireland yet, but jackie will sizzix them into TBs and return them, so hopefully by Easter hols?

  13. How cute are you and your bunnies? Great tute, Missus. Love the quilting esp.

  14. a perfectly made project timed for the season. Well done


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