Thursday, 28 March 2013

Random stuff kids do...

Well as it is Thursday, that's all the excuse I need to show you this little selection.

Firstly a clip of last week's recorder 'concert'... you didn't think I would just keep the experience to myself did you!?


This week parents were treated to an African 'inspired' dance, sorry, only photos, no movie...

...and then I had to buy these...

That's a pincushion, in case you weren't sure!
If sewing is an unlikely career path, then maybe a bit of fabric designing could be on the cards...

For added random, after months of cold, wet, snowy, miserable weather, I managed to get all the Rainbow and Cub uniforms out in the sunshine for the first time today...

...until it clouded up about 30 minutes later!

And finally, my car tax disc came today; is it just me, or does this just not look like a real date!?

Linking up with Cindy's Really Random Thursday.

Back tomorrow to announce the winner of my inbox-busting Sew Sweetness bag pattern giveaway and maybe a bit of stitching xxx


  1. I couldn't really concentrate on the rest of your post for the copious amounts of blood pouring from my ears ;)

  2. I'm just not sure whether to laugh or cry!!

  3. Thursday dinner time used to be recorder club (I had the beginner group with about 20 Y3 bairns in it!) so this post really took me back...I'm not sure I'll recover! (At least some of them were looking at the music but my favourite is the boy who dropped his recorder halfway through!!!) Well done, boys, you were great!

  4. Unfortunately I just couldn't get the video to play! I love all the things you HAVE TO buy, my kids school is like that too, we had sock owls recently and I ended up with someone elses random socks because our kids ones were already gone! I love the elephant card made with all the words, I'd really like to make some of those, can the kids tell you how or where they did it please?!? xx

  5. Thank you *so* much for sharing the recorder concert. You are too, too kind. Dont know what you're complaining about, it wasnt too bad with the sound off.... You had to BUY stuff? Jeez. Bet that hurt!!! How many FQ's did that cancel? Poor hads xxx

  6. Sadly I can't view the video on my tablet!

  7. Your kids served you well for this week's random (I still didn't press play on that video though ;o) )

  8. Thanks for sharing that video. My husband has a recorder. I bought it for him one Christmas. Hmmmm....wonder where it is. Oh, well. I probably won't spend too much time looking for it.

    What is a car tag disc? Do you have to print something out and then put it on your car. No, it doesn't look like a real date...

  9. I love your random Thursday shots...always good to have those school video's and photo's to hand :) Interesting that you had to 'buy' the handmade treats. I always love a bit of William Morris. Have a great weekend x

  10. Wonderfully random! Sadly my iPad wouldn't load the recorder concert, such a shame! 17 days off now, what bliss :-)

  11. Ah that wee clip made me smile, it's like any school concert you have ever been to!
    Have a sunny weekend!!

  12. "Someone" needs to hide all those recorders - maybe in plain site as garden row markers.

  13. The Recorder Concert really was "something else"! For a minute there i thought they were trying to emulate the famous shower scene music from the Psycho film!!! Well done on the random :o)

  14. The video doesn't show up on an iPad, sorry! The sunshine looks beautiful, and the designs for the rego stickers are quite pretty. Could inspire a circular quilt to someone so inclined?

  15. The famous recorder concert. Mine did that one too. #2 son even decided he was so good, he did it again in the talent show. I think I'll remind him of that one when he's feeling high and mighty. Good times, randomly good.


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