Saturday, 16 March 2013

Fingers crossed...

I am off to the Apple Store this morning, wish me luck!  Fortunately at the first signs of impending wobble last Sunday we backed up my HD, so all is not lost.

Just so you don't think I am being rude, although I have my iPad and phone, I do not have, (and do not want), them set up to receive my emails; I have to access through tiresome webmail, so I can check for important stuff, but replying is a bit of a fag, so forgive me if I don't for now.

So with the unscheduled trip to Brighton today, sewing is going to be limited this weekend, we are off to that there London tomorrow too, but I will tell you about that after we get back.

For today I just wanted to give you a heads up that I am involved in a couple of bloghops next week, hence all that secret sewing a couple of weeks ago.

On Thursday I will be one of the Sizzix crew celebrating Easter, more details to come soon, and on Friday I am joining Alyce for her Having A Starry Time hop...

Look who else is there!!! 

Monday March 18th - Rita at Red Pepper Quilts
Tuesday March 19th - Lindsey at Happier Than A Bird Quilts
Wednesday March 20th - Jane at Want It, Need It, Quilt
Thursday March 21st - Jenelle at Echinops & Aster
Friday March 22nd - Hadley at Flying Blind on A Rocket Cycle
Saturday March 23rd - Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts

Out of my league... um... just a little!

There will be giveaways too, so make sure you check them out.

Have a good Saturday everyone xxx


  1. Good morning! I do hope you get the lap top sorted, what a pain!

    I've been too busy to look at blogs for about a week, then I've been working up the list - and you're such a busy blogger you kept on the top if my list so it took me ages to get here, but of course you were worth the wait! What can I remember of the last (lovely) 15 minutes of catching up? The grey to rsinbow hexies were a great arrangement, the day out sounds the best time ever, the orange / grey Brit Bee looks amazing, as does Orbit. Sorry to hear work was awful, hope you have better luck that I did with Google +, and is one of the girls taller than the other or is it just that photo?

  2. Good luck with Apple!

    I wouldn't say you were out of your league though, half of your fellow hoppers I've never even heard of...

  3. good luck.. my laptop has been in the shop for over a week... feel deprived!! Have a fun weekend x

  4. LOL! I was a little nervous asking you to join!!!

  5. You belong in the top leagues all the time any time.

  6. I agree with Susan, you are well placed in that group. I hope you sort the IT issues. I too don't usually respond to quilting emails except at the computer, which means I am always behind on them.

  7. Damn the technology for failing, hope you get it fixed quickly! And of course you belong with those ladies, you're the best! :o)

  8. You're not out of your league at all! Fingers crossed that the IT issues are all fixed and Mr Mac is now behaving himself.

  9. Good luck at the Apple Store!! I just went through that this week myself. I spent HOURS there. Ugh. But now my computer is happy again (with a brand new hard drive).

  10. I hope tat the Apple store sorted out the problem. Looking forward to seeing your secret sewing. Di x

  11. Cool! I can't wait to see what you have in store :)


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