Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Clock and the Inn-keeper...

We saw the girls' Nativity performances in full today; a dancing clock, and the inn-keeper with a stable...

They did really great.

The heating is still on, the Deer cushion is finished, but my To Do list needs more ticks and my Inbox is still full.  12 days and counting xxx


  1. Woohoo to a great performance and even better - heat too!

  2. That all sounds pretty good - I've yet to dare make a list of all the things to be sewn!

  3. Your ticking things, that's good! I'm just starting!

  4. Ah yes, the dancing clock, I remember that bit in the nativity well...

    Still, glad the list is slowly going down and the temperature is going up!

  5. Well heat surely must be helping you feel a bit better in general?! Good luck! x

  6. sounds like things are ticking along just on time.

  7. hehe cute pic and dancing clocks sound fab! my heating was on and now I am cold so it must have clicked off boo! x


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