Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Back to school...

The Doctor, as he now wishes to be known, started at his new school today, and it seems to have been a success.  By bedtime there seemed to be some realisation that he no longer had a 'best friend' there, but it's only been a day; so even if I am going to worry, he's been told not to!

As for the packing - our belongings seem to be multiplying!  We didn't stop until 9pm, and there's still so much to do; we'll be having a takeaway and a very late night tomorrow that's for sure!

Unfortunately once we move, we won't have an internet connection for at least a week, so I am not going to be able to keep you updated ('Oh thank goodness for that' I hear you all shout!), but if I can wangle it, I might be able to post a line or two from work before I start, but no pictures :(

So until tomorrow...


  1. Best of luck FB, will be thinking of you :-)
    I helped 'spring-clean' my son & partners flat @ the weekend prior to their moving-out-handover, so I know exactly where you're at......all quite exhausting!
    HowEver.....it will all be worth it once you're in your lovely New House :-)

  2. Hope the move goes well. We've been in ours for 24 years, partly because the thought of boxing up all this junk is too daunting;! The friends with the least junk are those who move every few years, but we left it too late!

  3. He'll be fine - chatting about Doctor Who is a great conversation starter!
    Happy Moving.


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