Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Size matters!

Well having 'given' hubby free-reign on the new TV, we are awaiting the arrival of a whopper!  OK, so 40" in some circles is still a bit quaint, but to me it's enormous!  Hence my dilemma of trying to find something big enough, stylish enough and maybe even magical enough to be able to detract from the mega-box that will be perched on top!

So here is the result of my hours of searching...

In an attempt to lure the children away from the 'big screen' we will also be ordering some bar stools for the conservatory/kitchen bar.  As this is a converted kitchen window, it is, as we are now finding, a lot higher than most stools seem to rise to!  But I think we've cracked it, (and the kiddies will grow soon enough so that they can get their chins above the edge!!).

All this shopping and no action is making me a dull old bird, so I think, in fact I promise, that tomorrow I am going to make a start on one of my Emily Peacocks.  For now, the frocks on Big Fat Gypsy Weddings are taking my breath away!


  1. i am watching it now and am still amazed! i want to spend a week with the dress maker. she is so clever, not that i would wear something quite like that!!!

  2. Perhaps you could get a 'gypsy style' hat for the dance!

  3. The pink with lights reminded me of Alice from vicar of Dibley! I'm a bit worried about the bride's mum thought, what does she think she looks like?



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