Friday, 28 January 2011

HUG - Day 2

Tell me when you get bored of this!

I feel, despite what looks like evidence to the contrary, that I am cracking on at great speed!  Hopefully I will have completed the top 4 rows this evening, and then I'll get to use a different colour.

Today was cold - so I spent a little time running strips of insulating foam round a couple of drafty windows and the door from the hall to the garage, and I can't believe the difference its made! 

If you are in or around the South East this weekend and are stuck for something to do, Liz and Quilty Pleasures, and many more will be at the Ardingly Spring Quilt Fair.  Unfortunately I think my destiny will be passing things up into the loft again, not a happy prospect.

Whatever you get up to, here's to a cosy weekend everyone.


  1. 'passing things into the loft again' made me laugh...only I am sure because I have been there many times and my husband always comments about how much stuff we have up there and how we will just have to put it all up in another loft when we move again!

  2. mine should arrive tomorrow - so keep going , your my inspiration! x


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