Saturday, 29 January 2011

HUG - Day 3

OK, I will stop posting pics like these until I've achieved something a bit more inspiring!  However I have set up my Flickr Set and will keep adding everyday, so you can keep tabs to make sure that I'm not slacking!  (Look, see, down there on the left!)

Today was a 'nice' day; whilst the boys headed off for a haircut, the girls and I went to the garden centre for cake, and a look at the fish and bunnies; and later I got to wander round the village and actually go into the cute shops and browse alone.  I got into a debate with the lovely lady in the fabric shop about the best thing to use to string together the bunting - any tips ladies please...

I also spent a couple of hours picking and peeling the old Fablon off my trusty filing drawers/cabinet that was starting to look a little worse for wear.  Dad gave me the little red cabinet years ago, and I promptly covered it in sticky-back plastic!  I have a vision of a super-revamped version, and today my quest began.

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  1. I thought you moved to " the country " how come you get a fabric shop too? That doesn't sound fair! LOL



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