Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 here we go!

New year, new smile!!  I better call the tooth fairy pronto!

Any excuse for a sneaky peak at Harrison Ford in the background! 

Tip trips, new Sew Hip, Elle Decoration subscription renewed and the house is still full of cake and chocolate, 2011, so far so good... 


  1. We've got someone in our house who looks just like that :D One came out just before Christmas and the other a couple of days ago!

  2. I'm just glad he has a couple of days to practice speaking and eating before he starts his new school on Tuesday!

  3. Happy New Year! Hope 2011 is great x

  4. sew hip? i will look that up.
    i love the missing front teeth look. really miss mine being little. i once put glitter gel on my daughters arm when she was asleep with tooth under pillow. she was so excited when she woke up and i told her it was fairy dust from them climbing under the pillow to get the tooth...

  5. Oh I will save that one for the girls Verity, lovely idea!

  6. Ah how cute!!! Funnily my lad lost one of his teeth last night and surprise surprise the toothfairy found him in Cork (Irish city we were in this weekend) or as he put it a "Corkish tooth fairy!"

    They are so cute with gaps!


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