Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What a day...

Well I have sewn together my freebird quilt top.

I had second thoughts about the amount of white and I think it has turned out well - I didn't want it to be too huge, (I haven't measured yet but it is about 5' square), as I am still just getting to grips with this quilting mularky, and I don't want to get in too much of a muddle!

We had the house photo-call; so we can relax for a week until the viewings begin, (says She of great faith!).

The girls and I also spent an hour or so down at the beach eating ice cream and watching the completely mental kite-surfers. The winds have been tremendous the last few days, so it has been very busy on the water, and excellent to see.

Dear Son is back from my parent's tomorrow - missed the little monkey x


  1. Lovely quilt - the colours work so well with the white! That's something I need to do - get out of my comfort zone with Country colours and try using more modern, crisp colourways! Oh well, next quilt:-)

    Our 16 y.o. son is off on a tennis tour this coming September holidays, so we will take ourselves off for a little holiday ON OUR OWN! Yippee!!

  2. I can't wait until all three of ours are big enough to stay with their grandparents - not sure my mum and dad feel the same way though! - I think it must be the 'being outnumbered' feeling, and the fact they can just make so much noise!


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