Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

The girls got a haircut this afternoon, it wasn't too traumatic (for any of us, but the other customers may disagree!). So here are the before and after shots:

I also bought a few laser cut felt flowers and dragonflies on ebay to add to my holiday stash. I grabbed a few images off google to give me some 'direction'; I will try not to copy too closely!

I am excited about the dragonflies as they are my most favourite creatures ever so I am looking forward to making something extra-special with those.


  1. Love the haircuts...they look so sweet! Your creations are beautiful, too :) Ooooh lucky you being in the midst of Summer right now. It looks absolutely beautiful in your part of the world.

    Karen xx

  2. Thank you Karen. Hopefully the weather will be good in Cornwall next week or we may get cabin fever.

    Thanks for stopping by - as I am so new to all this, I am amazed that anyone has taken the time to have a look and say nice things!

    I need more followers (hint hint!)

    Take care, Hx


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