Thursday, 26 August 2010

Water and electrics!

This morning I was meant to be taking dear son and his friend to an indoor play centre, so that they could run and climb themselves crazy whilst I looked through some of my magasines and generally relaxed, but no.

Having driven through the biggest puddles ever to get there, we got to the gate to find that again rain had got the better of us - the torrential downpours of yesterday had played havoc with the electrics rendering the unit unsafe, so to plan B!

At that point there was no plan B, but I remembered reading about a 'place' that looked kind of interesting, something to do with the sea, but I had no idea what it was called or where in Littlehampton it was! Fortunately we spotted a tourist sign for Look & Sea, and everything flooded back (forgive the pun)!

We arrived before opening (9.45am), so the poor boys had to settle for mega milkshakes with cream and sprinkles and a pot of tea for me in the adjoining cafe, whilst we waited.

We spent a happy hour looking at the exhibits, games and info boards, then climbed to the top of the 360 degree tower with rainy views to the sea and surrounds. It was actually good fun and quiet - we were the only ones there.

We then crossed the road and were given a tour of the lifeboat station, including sitting on the tow tractor with helmets and a look round the dressing/drying room. There is nothing more guaranteed to make a pair of 5 year olds silent than a strange man dressed in galoshes asking them questions!
We were introduced to Dead Fred (above) the training dummy.

We then had to go into the little RNLI shop next door for an obligatory fridge magnet and a couple of frisbees (for when we actually see the sun again and want to venture into the garden).

So that was my morning.

The girls are now home, demanding attention from said friend, and I am hiding in the kitchen!


  1. I hear with the rainy weather Monkey Bizness in Lewes was like a sauna yesterday so you probably had a lucky escape!
    Love the blue colourway on your design boards.

  2. Thanks for stopping by - yep, I think I actually got the better deal yesterday - just got soaked again today though :(


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