Saturday, 21 August 2010

Don't you just hate it when...

Sat down all ready to get the remaining strips sewn together last night, and only had enough cotton to do 2 out of the 6!! Sooooo annoyed, and as we have been having a family day at my parent's today, no chance of getting to the shops until Monday, pooh-sticks!

Ho hum, I suppose I could start pinning the sashing to the strips I've done already, but that just wasn't the plan...


  1. Yes ... hate it, but I'm a bit of a butterfly and go from flower to flower - (actually craft to craft) so I would just do a bit of something else - crochet? knitting? card-making? painting? cooking? gardening? ... all just as satisfying.

  2. Hi! you have left a comment for my give-a-way but sadly you are a "no reply" email address. It would be easier if you would enable your address in your blogger settings, then your email would be visible.
    I've found you through your blog, but you also don't have an email address linked to this site. Please supply me with some kind of "real" email address, thanks!

  3. Hi Helen, thanks for the heads-up. I think I have now clicked the right boxes, I'll leave you another comment, and my email address to check it's worked!


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