Monday, 16 August 2010

Holiday Report...

Well the washing has turned into ironing, but the sun shone today so at least we are not surrounded with soggy socks and towels.

Cornwall was great. The kids were not on their totally best behaviour, but they could have been a lot worse; they coped pretty well with the 8 hour car journeys (better than me!), and the weather was kind, only a day and a half of rain, which didn't affect our trip to the Aquarium, or a spot of retail therapy.

Our chalet at Notter Mill was perfect, the site was so quiet, the swimming pool a little chilly (but that didn't stop me) and the blackest black at night; we'd go back, and we are very picky!

Eden was as brilliant as ever - we had a great day, even did a bit of 'den-building' and a lot of shopping!

Other things we did included Looe Monkey Sanctuary, a Maize Maze (we spent an hour trying to retrace our steps to escape the 3 miles of paths of 8' high corn, managed to find 3 of the 10 puzzle stations, more than once, but admitted defeat and retired for pasties and the play area!). We also spent a chilly morning at the tiny beach at Cawsand.

My plans to make lots of 'felt things' fell at the first hurdle - eco-lightbulbs are not made for sewing! I tried and failed although I did take advantage of the rainy afternoon and made these for the girls and myself:

The pictures are a bit blurry, but you get the gist.

Last night I ordered some fabric to make the girls their quilts, a (hopefully) really good website - I will let you know the details when the fabric arrives. About £1.50 per FQ, and £2 for Amy Butler, which I thought was fantastic!

We have come back with itchy feet and are planning on moving along the coast, so bring on the stress! Having taken a drive round our preferred locale this morning we are are now raring to go... I will keep you posted!

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