Monday, 23 August 2010

An apology...

I am very sorry for that last post, it was probably funny, until I posted it!

I have cotton, so I have completed the patch strips for the Freebird quilt this evening; tomorrow I hope to get everything pinned together. More photos coming soon.

We are also having the house all measured and photographed ready for sale tomorrow, so I have been tidying and re-arranging like a crazy woman today; no-one is allowed to touch or move anything until the man has been. I will post the link when we are on the market, so you can see where we currently reside - I'm sure we could negotiate a 'follower discount' should you want to buy it!


  1. We have also been on the market ... 9 months, 4 rubbish offer, then full offer, then extra £10,000 then sale fell through ... not sure I can go through the strain again. Perhaps we can swap? Where do you live/want to move to? Good luck with pics.

  2. Oh Annabelle, I am dreading it but know it will all be worth it in the end, if there is an end! We are hoping to head further west to Chichester, fingers and everything-else crossed.

  3. Chichester is great - I grew up not too far from there. We are nearer London - Thames Ditton. Also great here, too.


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