Sunday, 29 August 2010


We had a lovely morning picking our own! We have driven past the local PYO a million times, even been to numerous boot fairs in the adjoining field, but never ventured into the orchards and fields. So today was the day!

We spent a couple of hours gathering red currants, blackberries and Victoria plums. We even found the single large sweetcorn cob ready in the crop! The children loved it, and were on their best behaviour for a change. We then went into the lovely Tea Room for ice-cream, cake, tea and coffee, all delicious, and then popped into the Farm Shop to get a bag of preserving sugar for my first attempt ever at jam making.

I have since made 2 jars of red current jam - but I am not holding out much hope of them being more than jars of red glue, (I didn't read the bit about NOT STIRRING the boiling jam, until I had constantly stirred it for about 20 minutes!!). Oh well, I will report back.

Although I re-used the lids of the pasta jars, I have dressed them up in a couple of fabric scraps so that they look like a pair of pre-school nativity shepherds!

A good sunday for us, what have you been up to?

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