Saturday, 28 August 2010

The sun has got his hat on!

Finally blue sky, t-shirts and tea in the garden again!

We took a trip out today to scope out some more areas where we would like to live, and added a few more villages to the 'list', so that was useful, especially as we are being very particular. I was getting a bit worried for a while that nowhere other than one teeny-tiny village we found (with an over-subscribed school, expensive houses and hardly any ever for sale!) would live up to expectations.

We then we stopped off in Arundel for lunch, as it is the annual festival at the moment, with street entertainers, musicians, art exhibitions and the like, and the tiny streets closed off to traffic, whilst everyone enjoyed the sunshine. It was like being on holiday in a town we love and got married in almost 7 years ago.

Most of the shops are tiny and often change hands, despite the tourists; it must be pretty bleak sometimes, and I am one of those all too guilty of browsing and not buying. Today I discovered 'fabric buttons & beads', full of lots of gorgeous things, including the book Annabelle has in her giveaway. So I had to have a flick through, and I can see why she has bought and given so many copies as gifts. The children were traumatizing the owner's kitten and touching everything in sight, although I would have loved to too, given half the chance (well not the kitten bit!), so I promised to return alone!

And my old favourite Sparks Yard came up trumps with their Sale outlet shop. Look at my beautiful Gisella Graham gardening gloves...

(Only £3.47, but don't tell anyone!)

Now the weather is potentially going to be lovely for the long weekend, but the bank holiday means no postman, and that means no parcels for me, particularly disappointing as my lovely package from Saints & Pinners, (I think I forgot to mention that I gave into temptation and ordered some Meter Scrap Rolls), along with my Prints to Polka Dots bundle were dispatched today.

Oh well, I should actually get on with some of those things I've started! 4 more sock monkeys remain in pure sock state, and I have reached a dilemma with the Freebird quilt. I was going to back it in a blackcurrent purple, but now I can't decide what colour to quilt in? Purple/dark thread will look a bit odd on the top as there is so much white, but white/light thread is going to show every wobble on the back (I'm not sure my sewing machine is up to the job of free-motion quilting, but I may do a practise run and see). Any ideas of a what may work? I may just re-think the backing!

Well let's hope the sun keeps shining... x

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