Saturday, 22 March 2014


Told you I had been making, but neglected to get any photos - these aren't brilliant as it was very sunny, and very windy, but they're the best of the bunch...

I used Jeni's free pattern again, and for a change added woven interfacing to the main panel for a bit more structure.  A piece of Moda tape matched perfectly for easy ties.

I fell in love with this colour combo when I was pulling cushion fabrics earlier in the week; so it was a done deal and a very quick make when there's no procrastination!

There was some more making today too, and more dodgy photos to show soon.  Having been able to bask in the sunshine over the last couple of weekends, it has been quite nice to just stay indoors and avoid the showers.

Well it's too early to tell if the pills and bland-eating have started to work their magic, but my supplies look pretty even if my insides don't!

Happy weekend folks xxx


  1. Pills look prettier in a nice bag.

  2. Always good to have a drug tote... ;o)

  3. That's a gorgeous bag. At least the pill popping process is slightly less painful now that they are disguised so beautifully. Get well soon xx

  4. It's an excellent bag, I hope that they start working too.

  5. You are the queen of gorgeous accessories! Keeeeeeeep popping! Jxo

  6. That's a lovely bag...hope those pills are doing their job! Sarah xo

  7. it's important to keep those meds cosy ;-)

  8. Lovely bags - and I have first hand experience :-)

  9. Must be the best dressed pills in Sussex ! Hope they do their job !


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