Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Siblings Together June Bee Block

Unless you sew under a rock, you will know all about the Siblings Together charity, and you probably know that Lynne recently set up the first Siblings Together Bee, of which I am a proud member.  This in turn has lead to the creation of spin off Bees, all making quilts for this brilliant cause.

Lynne has secured such an amazing bunch of sponsors for our Bee to whom we all owe so much, and this morning I finished off my contributions to the first, June quilt.




Lynne sent us all some PB&J by Basic Grey, and blogged the full instructions right down to which way to press the seams; and there were a lot of seams, but they result in a great mega-block...

I would have added a picture of Lynne's Touchdraw representation of the whole quilt top, because it is going to look great, but I haven't worked out how new Flickr expects me to do this!

It's not my month until next April, so I have plenty of time to think up what I want the ladies to make, and I am going to enjoy all the other Bee blocks in the meantime.


  1. Looks like a great block, well done mrs, very charitable! p.s the html links are on the photo page, bottom right, took me days to find it :o)

  2. How beautiful and would be happy to donate. xxx

  3. Brilliant design, and I like the PB&J collection. jxo

  4. Looks great. Nearly finished mine.

  5. You mean Fluckr, don't you? Grrr. Great block, though!

  6. Looks fabulous. Can't wait to see all the blocks together - it's going to be an amazing quilt. And I feel your pain about Flickr! x

  7. The block looks lovely and yopur points are perfection. I've never used Flickr and all the feedback at the moment is not encouraging me to try.

  8. Your block looks wonderful!

    P.S. The icon that looks like a bin throwing up is the one you need for sharing photos...


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