Wednesday 5 June 2013

Show & Tell

I have a stinking headache, so I am going to give you some quick show and tell!

The show...

I have turned all that prep from the other day into the simple pouch for Danny...

I used the Elizabeth Hartman perfect zipper tabs method, and oh boy I am impressed!

I have also made my swap items for Fat Quarterly Retreat...

There are four Liberty Love Pincushions, but don't be fooled, I may not be in a group of five, four just look way better then three.

I got these all finished up in the sun today; I think it may have gone to my head, so hopefully a good night's sleep and some aftersun will ease me into tomorrow!

The tell...

I am linking up again this year with my friend Jennifer for the Modern Mini Challenge that has started today. 

I'll let Jennifer explain...

"The Modern Mini Challenge is a call to challenge yourself. Try something new: a new technique, a new pattern, a new thread, etc and make a mini quilt.
A mini quilt makes it possible and oh-so-doable!

What's a mini quilt? It's a mug rug, a pillow, a wall hanging, a table topper... you get the idea!

Check out the AMAZING minis in last year's contest! There were over 200 awesome entries! 

You don't have to be an experienced sewist to enter! Don't let your lack of experience keep you from joining in! I want this event to be fun, encouraging and inspiring- just go for it! Believe in your ability and go CREATE!! 


Speaking of awesome, there will be fabulous prizes available just for entering! So try your best, pick something fun to create that speaks to you and get sewing

The details:
You can enter any mini quilt that you've made within the past 6 months. Remember, a mini quilt can be a mug rug, a mini quilt, a pillow, a table topper, etc. Only one entry per person
Size requirements: must be at least 6" x 6" and no bigger than 24" x 24". 
You can enter a mini quilt made from your own design or from a pattern. Please give credit to the pattern designer in your description. 

Need some inspiration? Never fear. I've got that covered! There's a snazzy group of quilters ready to share some of their creations to show just how fun a mini can be. The Modern Mini Blog Hop kicks off June 5!

June 5: Ellison Lane
June 6: Happy Quilting
June 7: Swim, Bike, Quilt 
June 8: Craft Buds
June 9: From the Blue Chair and Sewing Under the Rainbow 
June 10: The Sewing Chick
June 11: Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle and Fresh Lemons Quilts 

Starting June 12, you'll be able to link up your entry at Ellison Lane. You'll have until 5:00 PM EST on June 16 to add your mini quilt. Link from your blog (a NEW post please), your Flickr account or your Threadbias account. Remember, you don't have to have a blog to enter! 

PRIZES! Did she say prizes? For sure! Check out these amazing goodies up for grabs: 

$125 Gift Certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop
$75 Gift Certificate to the Intrepid Thread
$50 Gift Pack of Pellon Products
$50 Box of Coats and Clark Threads
(2) $50 prize packs of Dritz sewing products
$25 Gift Certificate to Christa Quilts
A Bundle of Marblehead fabrics from Fabri-Quilt

The $125 Gift Certificate winner will be chosen by my husband- his is the Wild Card Choice! The other prizes will be awarded by random draw.

So what are you waiting for? Get excited, get creative and get sewing. Challenge yourself and go make something great!

So what are you waiting for?  Time to turn some big ideas into compact beauties xxx


  1. Hope the head stops hurting. THe pouch and pinnies are perfect.

  2. Hope you feel better. Those pin cushions are divine. Almost seems a shame to stab them with a pin!

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon, the pincushions are just lovely. And looking forward to seeing your mini inspiration!

  4. Very pretty, hope the head feels better soon!

  5. Oh, I'm surely happy to take care of one of those pincushions should you need a 'sitter'!! Slap on a hat....helps with preventing a sun headache! I hope you feel better in the morning!

  6. If only I had more time!! Your wee pinnies are so cute! Jxo

  7. Lovely pincushions and the pouch is cute too! Hope you feel better soon.

  8. gorgeous makes :-) Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Oh so cute! The pin cushions are adrobs!

  10. ouch, not the way to finish a day off )-: hope you're better this morning. the pin cushions look yummy

  11. hope the head is better now. The pin cushions are gorgeous.

  12. Even a headache doesn't slow you down! Well done on the makes and looking forward to your mini!

  13. so the spare one is for me, right?

  14. Lovely Liberty makes! Hope you feel better today :)

  15. I have been away from sewing and blogs and likely will be for a while yet. But I have some mini quilts that I have made in the last 6 months, I will mark my calendar to link up one of them. I love your pincushions from the other day too, I want to be in your group.

  16. The corners on that pouch are perfect, wow! And how beautiful are your pincushions, just beautiful! :o)

  17. I love those pin cushions!! Hope your head feels more like your own today x

  18. Pretty Pin Cushions! It must be the weather - I've had a headache for 2 days :o( Hope you feel better tomorrow x

  19. Those pincushions are too cute! Hope your head feels better. :-)

  20. Loving the pouches and pinnies are just squeeeeee x

  21. Headaches are horrible but your "show" was very pretty and your "tell" has me itching to make something but no time...

  22. Told you Elizabeth's zip was brilliant!! Loving the pouch and the pincushions. You're pretty impressive with your sewing skills in no time flat!! Xx


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