Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Modern Mini Quilt Challenge Blog Hop

Welcome to my turn on Jennifer's Modern Mini Quilt Challenge Blog Hop.  I am chuffed to bits to have been asked again to add my tuppence worth; if you have followed the rest of the hop, you will be as surprised as I am!

I have made, swapped and received many minis over the last 3 years; on the whole they make me very happy, come in useful for covering up those things that need a little hiding away, or to simply look pretty and make the world a happier place.  Too much?

So when Jennifer first asked me, I thought I would definitely try to do something different.  Something that I probably wouldn't make on a larger scale, something a little out of my comfort zone.

I tried, I really did!

I cut into a charm pack of Lucky Penny, and then started doubting if it would work, and pulled out the colours and prints I didn't like, aka the browns!


I thought I would go wonky, and improv'.  I made small wonky log cabin blocks, but couldn't help myself, and squared them up!

Mini's are the perfect way to try new things, because if you don't like the result, it's not been a huge waste of time or fabric, and if it works, well you can then super-size to your heart's content!

I made this with the idea of having it on the dining table to replace the seen better days IKEA placemat we use for the sauces and things; I tend to flinch at the thought of mucky things near beautiful fabric but I will actually have no problem with using this!  It didn't turn out at all as I planned, and I don't completely dislike it, so it was still a success; even though I won't be making a bigger version.

To right the balance, I reverted to type this weekend, and pulled some of my tiniest scraps, to make something pretty.  Something I love, and something the ketchup will not be coming anywhere near!

The pieces were cut 1.5" x 2", and the finished mini measures up at a pleasing 8"x 15".

So there you have it, not everything turns out as you hoped, but being a mini, it will probably find a place, a use or a way to make you smile.

Today is the last day on the hop, so now it's your turn to get organised and join in.  Here's Jennifer again, in case you need reminding!

Here's the deal. The Modern Mini Challenge is a call to challenge yourself. Try something new: a new technique, a new pattern, a new thread, etc and make a mini quilt. 

A mini quilt makes it possible and oh-so-doable! 

What's a mini quilt? It's a mug rug, a pillow, a wall hanging, a table topper... you get the idea!

Check out the AMAZING minis in last year's contest! There were over 200 awesome entries! 

You don't have to be an experienced sewist to enter! Don't let your lack of experience keep you from joining in! I want this event to be fun, encouraging and inspiring- just go for it! Believe in your ability and go CREATE!!   Go be AWESOME!!

Speaking of awesome, there will be fabulous prizes available just for entering! So try your best, pick something fun to create that speaks to you and get sewing

The details:

You can enter any mini quilt that you've made within the past 6 months. Remember, a mini quilt can be a mug rug, a mini quilt, a pillow, a table topper, etc. Only one entry per person. 

Size requirements: must be at least 6" x 6" and no bigger than 24" x 24". 

You can enter a mini quilt made from your own design or from a pattern. Please give credit to the pattern designer in your description. 

Need some inspiration? Never fear. I've got that covered! There's a snazzy group of quilters ready to share some of their creations to show just how fun a mini can be. The Modern Mini Blog Hop kicks off June 5!

Starting June 12, you'll be able to link up your entry here at Ellison Lane. You'll have until 5:00 PM EST on June 16 to add your mini quilt. Link from your blog (a NEW post please), your Flickr account or your Threadbias account. Remember, you don't have to have a blog to enter! 

PRIZES! Did she say prizes? For sure! Check out these amazing goodies up for grabs: 

$125 Gift Certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop

$75 Gift Certificate to the Intrepid Thread

$50 Gift Pack of Pellon Products

$50 Box of Coats and Clark Threads

(2) $50 prize packs of Dritz sewing products

$25 Gift Certificate to Christa Quilts

A Bundle of Marblehead fabrics from Fabri-Quilt

The $125 Gift Certificate winner will be chosen by my husband- his is the Wild Card Choice! The other prizes will be awarded by random draw.

So what are you waiting for? Get excited, get creative and get sewing. Challenge yourself and go make something great!

Thank you all for getting this far; thank you to Jennifer and to all the others on the hop for the continual inspiration, and now it's your turn xxx


  1. Well done you, on beng invited. I love the colour combination in those fabrics, but I'd have to square them up too!

  2. I love your "out of my comfort zone" runner! The colours are so interesting together, browns or not! And you are in fine company too!

  3. Liked the first and bloody adore the second!!

  4. Both are lovely I would hate to get sauce on either one! Do you have the product Scotch Guard where you live? I treat many of my table linens and tote bags with that spray. It repels moisture and if you are quick, the stains don't penetrate enough to set. I love your fabric choices. Even though brown is in my top three favorites, I can see you have an eye for color and balance.

  5. Silly goose - your wonky looks FABULOUS! I adore the colors and the scrappy border - swooning over here! And your 2nd one is really cool too - I can't believe how tiny the squares are - the mini looks like a full table runner - and the rainbow effect is lovely!

  6. Both are fabulous!! Not at all surprised you don't want sauce on the second one! :)

  7. What super cute and bright table runners you've made. A great inspiration, thank you!

  8. The inner nutter takes over, can't have wonky, must straighten up, ha,ha!

  9. I LOVE your controlled wonky mini. Both quilts are fabulous. I like the mini projects too for the same reasons.

  10. I like the both, but I do prefer the second one and it looks much more like your work.

  11. Well done Hadley! They are both beautiful. :)

  12. I love them both, but I do love a bit of wonk!!!

  13. Both your minis are fabulous...great colors!

  14. Bright and beautiful colors on both....I like a little wonky so your first one is my favorite but then I like the 2nd one too.....great minis...thanks for sharing.

  15. Heh, and this is why my placemats won't be eaten off ;o) They do both look great though

  16. Sure you can't beat a wee flash of rainbow! Lovely! Jxo

  17. Huh. Even you can make browns look good. Interesting.

  18. I love love love scrappy rainbows! Great job on both though and for trying something new :o)

  19. Both bloody marvellous! Neither ketchup worthy!

  20. Both are lovely. I especially love the second one but I really like the combination of wonky and squared up in the first :)

  21. I really like how your first runner turned out. And I'm glad to have found you through the mini challenge. Becoming a follower. Would love to have you check out my blog too. www.springleafstudios.com

  22. the rainbow one does it for me, yummy!

  23. I really love your wonky mini, and the colours of the rainbow one too!

  24. Both are beautiful. I spilled coffee on a gifted to me mug rug yesterday and almost cried so I understand the ketchup reference.

  25. Love both minis! Keep the ketchup away.

  26. I really love the top one, so pretty! Love the wonky blocks squared up, I might have to try that, my eyes don't usually like wonky but in this straight and orderly manner I really loved it! <3

  27. I just adore your graduated rainbow mini, it's all my favourite things in one mini! I wouldn't let the ketchup near it either!

  28. I love that everyone has different tastes in colour and design. I personally prefer your Lucky Penny table runner, but still love the other one too :-)


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