Thursday, 6 June 2013


Not only has it been a scorching week, it has been just a bit of a busy one too.

This evening I am almost caught up on blogs and emails and ironing, and I have a 'To Do' list all ready for the weekend.  I can't wait for Saturday, as tomorrow's after-school activities will be calling on my taxi service more than once, and other than a quick sprint round with the hoover, I have nothing else booked.

So as not to leave you picture-free, at 5pm this evening the girls had their first 'proper' swimming lesson, not just the water-confidence fun the school deliver in class; I sat in the sun, whilst they went back and forth, wishing I could jump right in with them, so not fair...

I am too exhausted to be random this week sorry, I really need an early night xxx


  1. Scorching???!! (Did it hit 30 degrees?) Enjoy!

  2. has the school got its own pool? my old school.had, brrrr, but my school.now just walks the kids 1/4 mile to Windsor leisure centre

  3. Yay for schools that still have access to pools!

  4. take a deep breathe and relax. You have been running ragged for weeks on end now and I don't want you ill next month! xoxo

  5. Scorching? What Susan said! You're sounding like my mum who said a similar thing when I asked her why she was getting a taxi to the train station rather than walking. When I asked her exactly what the temp was, she said, "Oooh, about 21?". Anyways, glad you are getting some fun in the sun and the girls look happy!

  6. Water confidence WTF?! I seem to recall my primary school swimming lessons being in the deep end of the pool - sink or swim!

  7. I'm sure the kids would have loved it!


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