Thursday, 26 September 2013

Harvest Feasting...

Today seemed to involve a lot of washing and tumbling; pinning, un-pinning and re-pinning, Kelly will know what I mean by that; as well as a lot of time at school!

The Harvest Festival was surprisingly fun; 2 out 3 kids had speaking parts, but unfortunately they didn't find out until this morning, so I was only armed with my phone...

After the assembly, there was feasting...

Paella cooked by the headmaster always goes down a treat!

But when we got home, I had a mild breakdown about the state of the playroom, and spent 2 unscheduled hours sorting through tubs of what can only be described as crap!  I gave up in the end, but it's on my hit list!

I think I am a little tired and emotional!  I stayed up until the early hours to watch the America's Cup - TeamNZ all the way round here, so having to hear, over and over again today about the US win, (ahem, Aussie skipper and local Brit tactician?!), I probably need an early night to get over it.

But first I need to get back to stitching on the handles of my Anniversary Weekend bag, those babies are not going to sew themselves!


  1. I know what you mean about the pinning. :-/

  2. We plough the fields and scatter!! Paella cooked by the headmaster?! I too attacked Z's room yesterday and found piles of plastic crap (cars missing wheels, headless figurines etc)., and too gave up the will to live!

  3. Toys/crap so know what you mean. I'm always having a cow over the state of my kids rooms. Does your playroom have a door? If so close it!

  4. The headmaster cooks Paella? Can't wait to see your bag! My living room sounds like your play room and I can't even blame any kids :-)

  5. Mother fudgin concertina pleats!!!

  6. Think how much calmer you will be about the mess once you've done some sewing!

  7. sewing always calms me. I love making progress on a project. Team USA...that's right.

  8. You said it sister! Us Aussies were all about how Team USA had nearly a full Australian Crew and was an Australian designed and made boat. Anything for them to win hey?


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