Tuesday, 23 July 2013


I mentioned last night that I was a member of The Team who won the Retreat Pub Quiz, (not a quiz about pubs, as thought by some of our overseas friends); we were lucky enough to win handfuls of Jen Kingwell patterns courtesy of the uber-generous Amitie.

These are what I came home with...

The Midnight At The Oasis was on my 'wants' list, so I am sooo chuffed.

Obviously all of us who were there were winners, what with amazing goodie bags stuffed with fabulous freebies from the amazing sponsors... Liberty, Aurifil, Pat Bravo, Moda, Ahkaban, Riley Blake, Makower, Eternal Maker and many more I have forgotten...

I think I did mighty fine in the winning stakes, especially when topped off with the sample swap.  I swapped my Liberty pincushions for this amazing haul...

... a fantastic cushion cover from the amazingly cute Rachael, perfect Pezzy pouch, pencil and ribbon from Amanda, a beautiful heavy-duty Retreat pin cushion from Mary and the prettiest fabric basket and extras from Sue.  I think we owe Trash big-time!  Thank you ladies for a super swap.

I still have selling, shopping and even sewing to show you, I know!  So more tomorrow.  I spent so much time and energy building up to Retreat, I am most certainly going to eek a weeks worth of posts out of it!

And so onto another winner; the winner of my big 3! giveaway.  Thank you for all your lovely comments, I am sorry I could not respond to you all individually, but please be assured that I value everyone of you who takes time from their day to pop by here.  

Right, enough; schmaltz over.

I will add in a couple of the Jen Kingwell patterns and other bits into the mix, because I am nice like that.  The winner is...

Congratulations Rachel!!!

I may well have emailed you already, if Blogger is having another 12 hour posting delay like last night, apologies.

Laters xxx


  1. Nice shizz and yes that midnight at the oasis is very you and very me wishing I could actually start a pattern like that and finish it ;-)

  2. That's a great haul! Lucky you on winning those lovely patterns. And such pretty sample swap goodies!

  3. Yay to winning the quiz. A great haul. And to Rachel for winning.

  4. Fabulous haul Hadley and congrats to Rachel

  5. Congrats to Rachel and so jealous of your patterns - gah!!!

  6. A quiz about pubs haha. Ooh those patterns look great!!

  7. The pub quiz was super fun and I think I will have to buy some of Jeni's Nordika line to celebrate the win! Fab haul Hadley!

  8. Wow! Your bag certainly was a lot heavier going home!! Great swaps and patterns - enjoy!

  9. great haul! love those patterns too. x

  10. Woohoo!!! Thank you missus! You certainly got some fabulous goodies there!
    R xx

  11. Goodness you did do well! What great treats :)

  12. What a lot of lovely things you brought back! Congratulations, Rachel!

  13. I got the MATO quilt pattern too- for when I retire...

  14. you came away with some lovely prizes, swap goodies and giveaways. I have yet to unpack mine!

  15. Lovely goodies, and congrats to Rachel


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