Thursday, 25 July 2013


Not only were there all-inclusive swaps at Retreat, but also other acts of less formal giving and taking.

Krista and I faltered in arranging a private swap last year, but the fact we were going to meet for real, meant I whipped her up a Liberty-linen frame purse...

... and she reciprocated with one of her awesome thread catchers...

... and an amazing Purple Thang!

Before you go all ga-ga at the brown, it's animal print, it is meant to be brown!  I love it and need to get back behind my sewing machine so I can use it rather than just looking lovingly at it!

I also made a trio of pincushions for my 2 smashing Brit Bee besties Terri and Susan, who sent me some treasured Heather Ross fussy cuts last month, and another for Di, who has been my States-side go-between for a couple of (spookily) Heather Ross t-shirts; so HR fishies were the only way to go; however caught up in the secrecy of making them, I forgot to take any pictures - doh!  This is my one, the ones I made for them were the same... but different!

And unexpectedly, Di made me the most superb Tula Pink/Prince Charming purse...

I think this has holiday boiled-egg-smuggling written all over it!  Perfect.  I love it!

Generously, and for no reason other than being wonderful friends, I came home with a pretty flower brooch from Catherine and some of my favourite Denyse Schmidt FMF print, zipper, thread and lolly, so far hidden from the kids, from my curve-class buddy Emily...

If you need a big quilt basting, or are in the South-West (UK) and want to use her frame or studio space, Emily is your woman; check out her web page for more information.

Thank you all for my wonderful gifts, there is nothing like handmade gifts from friends xxx

The other gifts I need to mention are the top secret wall hanging that Brit Bee made to commemorate Susan's big 5-0.  This was presented to her on Friday night, she wiggled her butt in my face as thanks; she has put it more sweetly than I could here.

Jude, I borrowed this one, as I only have the one of her arse!
And lastly, some feel-good photos, here are Delma and I and the Siblings Together quilt I made in collaboration with Amanda...

Photos c/o Robin 'have you taken it yet?' Robin!
And the Siblings Together Bee's first finish...


So many quilts were handed over, the huge pile was quite overwhelming for them and us!

I am almost at an end of my Retreat round up now; tomorrow, it'll be a week since we all got together, so I shall finally show you what I made.

Apologies I have not responded to emails, or commented on blog posts much this week, hopefully I will be able to get myself all caught up soon, the house is now tidy, I will fill the fridge tomorrow morning and then be able to start enjoying the holidays xxx


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Oh good, now you've tidied your house, can you pop up and do mine?!

    Fab exchanges, but can't believe my cookies didn't even rate a mention, huh!

  3. Wiggles my butt in your face?! I'm speechless! ;-P

  4. Wow - the ST Bee got its act together very quickly! What a beautiful quilt!

  5. Wow what gorgeous swaps, and all those quilts are stunning. Lovely to meet you for real by the way! x

  6. Boiled egg smuggling - is that like budgie smuggling? Lovely handmadey stuff :)

  7. Budgie smuggling was a topic of conversation this weekend...but in a manly way. I'm glad you like the clutch! I love my pinnie. I still need to blog but am getting over a sinus thing first!

  8. Lovely swap items! It looks like so much fun there!

  9. Your boiled egg smuggling comment has me cracking up remembering Lynne's very straightforward description of budgie smuggling to a couple of poor foreign retreat attendees who sat there looking rather stunned...

    Back on topic, love your swap goodies.

  10. Nice giving and receiving goodies. Di x

  11. I thought I was quite worldly but the boiled egg smuggling has me scratching my head. Lovely swaps and at least if Susan is going to insist on presenting her posterior to your fizzog it's a nice bum, right?

  12. You did very well from those, even with the brown animal print, which is permitted!

  13. Great swag and I LOVE the Liberty Purse you made.

  14. LOL! A faceful of Susan's arse? Hilarious! Jxo

  15. Lovely stuff, looks like everyone had a great time

  16. Hadley, I cannot tell you how much I am in love with my Liberty frame purse. It is really going to take some serious commitment to use it in real life when all I want to do is mount it inside a plexiglass box and display it on my lounge coffee table for all to admire. Truly, it is a gorgeous piece of work and I am feeling a little guilty at emerging from this swap with something so luxurious. xxxxxx


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