Thursday, 18 July 2013

...and relax ...

Eyelash tint - check
Haircut - check
Provisions to stop husband and children starving - check
Supplies packed - check
Final decision on clothing - check
Paint toenails - check
Dangle legs in the pool whilst the girls have their swim lesson and relax for a minute - check

Look at the time and know you will be on the train to Fat Quarterly Retreat in 12 hours time - check

Good nights sleep - hope so xxx


  1. I'm still panic thinking about everything and triple checking I packed it all. leaving at 7.30am - eek!

  2. Have an amazing time H - very jealous of your lovely brown legs although I keep telling myself that milk bottle white is very in! ;) Can't wait to see you in photos on IG.xxx

  3. See you there! I am picking up my travelling buddy at 08.30 and we'll be on our way!!


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