Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Water water everywhere...

I can see the sea from my office. 

Today we got an unexpected day off as a mains pipe from the reservoir burst and without drinking water on another hottest day of the year, and more importantly, no toilet-flush action, it was the only option.

Having driven all the way in, I helped lock up the filing cabinets then headed into town and got fully 'Gok'ed' up with my new glasses and sunglasses.  I now have a headache, as the increase in prescription is a bit of a big one, so keeping this short and sweet.

I got an afternoon in the sun, hubby got to cut the hedge and the sum total of my sewing was this...

Dear son got his Housework, home-help, or some other token gesture lady badge!  This evening he did tracking in the woods and rolling about in dirt, much more fun!

The conservatory/sewing/dining area is maintaining a steady 32 degrees, so not conducive to much; we have been eating outside since last week, but dragging the sewing machine out to the wobbly picnic bench is not really an option.

Still, we know it won't last, so I should have proper things to show you soon.  Keep cool xxx


  1. A little lack of water, and you all give up work for the day, where's your blitz spirit! ;o). Hope you enjoyed your surprise day off. x

  2. What a lovely Tuesday surprise! Hope your headache goes soon xx

  3. Nice bonus day off then! I really want to be sewing but knowing this weather can't last I keep getting drawn outside. I'm going to have to get my arse into gear at the weekend though or I'll have no sample swap items and no retreat class stuff done either!

  4. I love that the central motif of he badge is a needle, yet Mama was sewing it on! ;) Enjoy your summer, sounds lovely.

  5. Hope the eyes settle in soon. Nothing like a bonus day off.

  6. Great to have an impromptu day off and well done cub scout!

  7. LOL! Lady badge - love it! It's been too hot to sew here until today. Finally was able to plug in the iron without fear of melting myself to death! Hope it cools off soon for you!

  8. It's 9 degrees and raining here! 32 is pleasant!

  9. Lady badge! He's starting early.

  10. Love the badge. You ought to get a bunch from them and do a giveaway on your blog. We'd all jump, I'm sure.

    Elizabeth E.

  11. I think home help should mean sewing your own flipping badges on...


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