Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Yo b*tch!

My Dad's birthday is coming up, and having done the complete Breaking Bad 6 season box set recently, there is a bit of a Walter White theme going on with his presents.

The handmade gift is a simple patchwork cushion with fabric from Spoonflower, taking advantage of a BOGOF FQ deal a couple of weeks back…

Really hard getting decent photos this time of year eh!

I backed it with some thick/dense fleece, which my sewing machine took great exception too; I need to sew something else up sooner rather than later to make sure it was the fabric not the machine that is ailing; hoping it was just complaining due to lack of use!

So that's my birthday's out of the way for another year, just as the first Christmas card came through the mail today; no rest for the wicked, especially as at the time of scheduled posting I will be gritting my teeth and looking for a parking space to do a joint Brownies to Panto, Scout to, um, Scouts drop off.

2 posts in 2 days, just saying!


  1. Oh my gosh, breaking bad fabric! My world is complete!

  2. Great cushion. I hope it all goes well with the drop offs.

  3. No idea what Breaking Bad is but I'm sure your dad will love his cushion!


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