Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Secrets and pies...

Only one more morning at work, then I will be free to catch up with myself, my blog, a giveaway, oh and Christmas!

Today I mailed my Secret Santa gift for the Brit Bee ornament swap and despite having received mine on Saturday, I thought it only right and proper not to open it until I had been to the post office and fulfilled my side of the deal!

So I ripped into the wrapping the minute I got home today, and here's what was inside…

Thank you so much Secret Santa, you spoilt me, and I know who you are, (what's with all the questions!?).

I'm sorry my picture doesn't do sparkly justice to the tiny cross-stitched Santa; and I am not going to mention the treats in the foil!  I have realised that this Christmas-time I am not going to be able to show you any secret stitching or anything, what with the now highly-teched up small-folk in the house!

I am so lucky to be in this amazing Bee, I love all that we do, especially our newest member, mwah!


  1. lovely Nordic santa. love to do a bit of cross stitch

  2. Gorgeous! Santa's setting the bar high as usual!!

  3. That needs a special place on the Christmas tree - front and centre, I hope!

  4. Crikey, that's a very special handmade ornament right there! Jxo


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